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M2S IT Solutions is mobile app development company in Bangalore. We offer services for iOS, Android and cross platform devices for boosting business.

Mobile App Development Services

Experience cutting-edge app development services, with special focus on Android and iOS, custom development and end to end solutions.
Equipped with high-end technology, innovative designs, dedicated team members and smart strategies, we are confident of delivering exemplary mobile app development services.

App development company Bangalore

Best Mobile App Development Company

Offering customised app development services that have shown effective results for our existing clients. Our high-quality coding features enable scalable mobile apps that will boost up your business effectively.
However much your requirements can be and the complexities involved, we are confident of delivering excellent results. With our proficient team members and their expertise, we focus on developing market-intelligent solutions for all kinds of businesses. Experience seamless mobile app development solutions with our team members.

Realistic Mobile App Designs Complying with Business Strategies:

Designing mobile apps with creative solutions at an unparalleled cost benefit to improve the customer engagement immensely. We are highly experienced in handling mobile apps that are ideal for various platforms and also effective for complete front to end mobile support.

The mobile interface developed is of premium quality which enables rich user experience. Have a look at our comprehensive approach to developing mobile apps.

App development company Bangalore

We focus on user needs during the planning stage to ensure that the users are able to get their requirements easily and that will enhance the app’s Usability.

We develop flexible apps that are adaptable to different screen sizes and devices.

The users should be able to read the texts and navigate through the app seamlessly.

We create mobile apps that are of top-notch quality, having passed through a series of app tests to conform with the quality standards.

We make sure every safety measure is taken to provide complete protection of the data shared by the users on the app.

We perform extensive research to deliver excellent results for the mobile app that will be effective not only for the company but for the brand as well.

M2S IT Solutions App Development Company in Bangalore provide Services for Different Platforms

M2S IT Solutions strives to add value to every online business with expert solutions that are customized smartly to focus on brand value and boost business growth.

App development company Bangalore

Native Mobile App Development

High productivity, superior quality, flexible methods, and prompt responses are ensured with native apps that we develop for both Android and iOS platforms.

App development company Bangalore

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Creating cross-platform apps that are effective in various environments as we provide a strong combination of native and web app technologies.

App development company Bangalore

Progressive Web App Development

With just one codebase for any device, we are capable of producing native-like features and installation services for any client with the help of progressive web apps.

App development company Bangalore

Wearable and Embedded Software

Ensuring smart monitoring systems on various wearable devices for convenient user-to-device communications.

Our Expertise with Major Mobile App Development Technologies

We are committed to give your users a seamless experience with your apps that are enhanced with modern technologies by expert professionals from our team.

We take care of different aspects including the issues in different versions of iOS.
We can develop fast, secure and powerful local, customized or cross-platform iOS apps.

Being one of the best Android app development companies, we build customised android application solutions for various enterprises ranging from wearable solutions to ecommerce apps, healthcare, and other industries.

We focus on providing a seamless experience with high-end mobile apps that run easily on various platforms without incurring too much of expenses.

These apps are customised to sync with the users’ OS.

We ensure a smart combination of technical solutions that are ideal for both mobile and web applications.
This will not only enhance the business but also simplify the actions on the app.

Our Work Process Which Made M2S IT Solutions Top App Development Company in Bangalore

App development company Bangalore

Planning Process To Become Famous App Development Company in Bangalore

We prioritise our clients’ needs and assist them with their requirements by coming up with innovative ideas that will align with their expectations. A thorough brainstorming session enables us to provide them with satisfactory and effective solutions.

App developing company Bangalore

Developing Practices for best app development company in Bangalore

We ensure end-to-end development of our services to the clients to help them maximize their business goals. Our highly experienced professionals are able to create modern and compelling websites and mobile apps.

App developing company Bangalore

Managing Methods To Become Best App Development Company in Bangalore

We are capable of handling different kind of coding activities and provide high-
quality after-service solutions that will enhance business sales of clients.

Emerging Tech that We Grasp to Add Value to Your Digital Business

With M2S IT Solutions, you can rest assured of innovative and new technologies that our professionals readily embrace to provide top-notch solutions that are adept with modern technology.

App developing company Bangalore


App developing company Bangalore


App developing company Bangalore


App developing company Bangalore


App developing company Bangalore


App developing company Bangalore


Our Works

We take great pride in our custom-designed Mobile App services that have ensured the clients of our reliability and credibility. Here are some of the projects that we undertook recently.

Mobile App Solutions for Verticals

Be it new enterprises and start-ups or established companies, we deliver a holistic range of original app solutions that are highly useful across various industries for all kinds of clients. Here are some of the industries that we hold enormous experience in

App Developing company Bangalore


App Developing company Bangalore


App Developing company Bangalore

Retail and ecommerce

App Developing company Bangalore


App Developing company Bangalore

Travel and Hospitality

Logistics-Transportation, App Developing company Bangalore



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Creating a strong base in the field of mobile app development for several years and expertise, we have consistently and effectively progressed while learning the process. We also take into account of the newer technologies to ensure cutting-edge solutions while improving our services for our clients.

We are aiming at offering top-notch app development services with maintenance support for the app’s continuous growth.

The cost for a mobile app development depends on several factors that are highly essential for scaling your business.

The prices vary based on the developer’s cost, complexities involved, time taken and other client requirements. Get in touch with our expert now for an approximate price for your mobile app.

While selecting the ideal mobile app development platform, you should consider the following aspects that will help you gain clarity on your app goals:

  • Target audience of your mobile app
  • User expectations
  • Approximate developer costs
  • Security necessities
  • Smooth integration of one platform with other mobile platforms

At M2S IT Solutions, we offer the following mobile app development services:

  • Customized iOS and android app development
  • Impressive web app development and cross-platform development
  • UI/UX designing
  • Mobile app porting
  • Expert consultation and prototyping
  • Automated QA solutions
  • Notification and power management services
  • App maintenance and ongoing support

Depending on the contract model selected by the client, we enable experienced managers for a fixed price contract model while administering complete team involvement for a team contract model.


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